2014 Bentley Flying Spur Saloon Review

Bentley is a big and a heavy car but still it gives a great acceleration as compared to many supercars due to the presence of 4.0 and 6.0 litre engine. You just need a light dab of throttle to pass slower moving traffic.
Bentley is agile and offers a great amount of grip. Most of the time you will get a feel of driving a smaller car, especially when you are in town or while driving in narrow roads. Ride quality is great on all the wheels.
It has a high speed cruising ability. It does a nice job of separating of separating both front and rear occupants from road noise and wind. There is some suspension noise on bumpy roads.
Bentley flying run is expensive to both buy and run. You will get a 20 mpg. This latest version is expected to be better.
It comes with a luxurious wood veneers, hand stitches hide seats and an organ stop air vent. Although it has a plush surrounding, the switch gear is low rent. Many of the switches and buttons in the centre console can look clumsy.
It has all the electronic safety systems that will keep you perfect on the road in all the weather. But it lacks a more advanced system of rivals like attention alert system and lane keeping assist. Security systems are state of the art.
Flying spur has a look similar to Continental GT when you are behind the wheels. Everything is laid down logically and even short drivers will find a suitable and comfortable position. The infotainment system is not up to the mark and it has an unresponsive touch screen interface and a dim screen.
The rear seat is very comfortable and you can scan the outside world with pleasure, whether you are sitting on a three seats bench or an optional two seats layout. Shoulder and legroom is good but the swoopy headline restricts the headroom. There is a lot of space in the front and the boot is big.
It comes with two trim levels- standard and Mulliner and both are very well equipped. For a Wi- fi or a fancier hi- fi, you have to pay extra. Upgrading to Mulliner spec will give you a great personalization.
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