2014 Audi A8 Saloon Review

You will get a wide range of diesel and petrol engines and a hybrid too which combines 4 cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor. It also comes with 8 speed automatic gearbox. Powerful versions are very quick.
Every A8 model has an adjustable air suspension giving you a comfortable and supple ride. But sharp bumps can still be a problem. It gives a good body control.
You can hear some road noise on hard and rough surfaces but wind noise is subdued and engines sound polished all the time. The 4 cylinder engine is very noise when you rev it up.
Audi A8 saloon is not cheap and it will depreciate heavily. Given their power V8 engines are efficient although diesels are financially much better. They attract a fairly low company tax rating.
It cabin quality is excellent. Materials and build quality are flawless and attention to each and every detail has been paid an impeccable attention. Overall ambience is great.
You won’t be requiring any safety kit. Audi A8 comes impeccably equipped with 8 airbags, Audi’s pre sense system and a stability control. The pre sense system activates the hazard warning lights automatically. You can also add a more sophisticated version which brakes the car or a night vision system to identify pedestrians. Security kit is very comprehensive.
It has great supportive seats and there is a lot of adjustment that can be made in the driver’s seat and steering wheel. You can access functions from on screen menus. It also has a touch pad through which you can write your destination into the sat nav without taking your eyes off the road.
Audi A8 saloon is not very roomy but there is plenty of room for six footers and all the seats are supportive and very comfortable. The boot is of a good size. The long ‘L’ wheelbase version has more legroom for rear end and is highly comfortable.
It has a list of equipments like climate control, a DAB radio, leather upholstery, LED headlights and satellite navigation. You can add an electrically operated boot closing, bigger alloys and a rear parking camera.
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