2014 Audi A7 Sportback Review

Even the lowest powered diesel engine is decent enough and gives a good performance. It comes with a smooth powered delivery thanks to the slit automatic gearboxes fitted in every version.
The A7 stays flat and nicely composed on turns and bends. The ride is firmer in the town and is smoothest at higher speeds. It comes with a bag of grip and many models are four wheel drive. But the steering is vague and inconsistently weighted.
It comes with acoustic windscreen. You can even choose double glazed acoustic side windows. There is very little road noise and absolutely zero wind noise.
A7 will cost you much more than A6 with the same engine. But you will get more standard equipments and the resale value is very high. All the models are economical and very clean, keeping your fuel bills and company tax in control.
It comes with a good quality which will not disappoint you. There is a great detailing on the inside and outside. The interior looks very classy and elegant at night when lit gently and highlighted. It has a below average reliability and is pricey to repair.
It comes with all the safety equipments and 6 airbags as standard. It has a bag of tech keeping you safe and some other advanced stuff like blind spot assistance and lane. It will be difficult for thieves to crack through your car.
It has a good dashboard and all the controls work very well. It is equipped with Audi’s multimedia interface central controller. Visibility in the forward is good but visibility over the shoulder is not good. You will have rely on the parking sensors or optional rear view camera at the high rear end.
It comes with good space for the driver and front seat passengers and six adults will be comfortable at the back despite its sloping roofline. This restricts the boot space. It comes with a large powered tailgate and you can fold the rear seats.
It comes loaded with safety kits. A6 has a leather upholstery, satellite navigation, wipers, dual zone climate control and automatic headlights. There are other extras like xenon headlights, sports seats, front and rear bumpers, TV reception, massaging front seats, etc.
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