2014 Audi A5 Sportback Review

All the Audi A5 versions are fully power packed and are famous for their punchy performance. All the three diesel versions like 2.0-litres and the 3.0-litres ones are quite strong and capable enough to compete with the expensive sport cars.
Although the grip is quite nice but the rubbery steering steels all the fun on the undulating lanes. The S Line suspension makes the drive firm.
As the side windows in A5 are frameless therefore the wind noise is quite expected. But at the speedy drives the car maintains a silence. Three four cylinder diesel engine makes it smoother then the rivals.
The prices of the Audi A5 sport back are a hiked than that of the audio A5 saloon. The best thing is that its market value is equally high in comparison to its cost. The 120g/kmCO2 emission figure has become the appealing feature for the business users.
Everyone expects a lavish interior. But you will surely get disappointed after seeing the cabin as there is no special factors to attract the buyers. Apart from this the poor reliability offered by the A5. It has hardly managed to get the average scores in the JD power survey.
The Audi A5 sport back is pre-loaded with 6 airbags and stability control but if you want the rear sidebags and blind-spot and lane departure warning system too then you have to pay some extra amount.
The comfort is affected by the offset pedals. You have to poke your toe in order to make the pedal clutch fully down. The ventilation is poor and the vision is not so clear. Just the comfortable seats are the relief factor.
The legroom is similar to the one that saloon is having but the headroom is a fraction less. The rear seats can be folded flat. The boot is of comparable to the saloon’s boot.
Reasonably equipped car with 4 cylinder engine. But you can surely go for the up gradation if you want. The SE model will offer you with some extras like upgraded stereo, larger alloy wheels, and rear parking sensors. The high quality leather, electrical adjustments for the front seat along with the cosmetic up gradation comes with the S5 Version.
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