2014 Audi A4 Saloon Review

Most of the Audi A4 possess diesel engines but the favorite one amongst all is the 134bhp 2.0 TDle its power pack performance is quite good from the economy point of view. The other 2.0-litres units are progressively stronger yet 3.0 V6 is the strongest one. for swift performance you can take a look on the 1.8 and 2.0-litres petrol units too
A4 is quite good along with its nice handling and grip. The steering might give you a rubbery feel but at the speed it will get weight up. The A4’s another version Achilles Heel will offer you a really smooth and comfortable ride.
The cabin of the Audi A4 is calm and well composed. The wind and suspension noise is not a problematic issue here. But you might get disturbed by the road noise. Although most of the engines are quite but may be the 1.8 petrol one gets vocal when it works hard.
Audi has successfully cut down all its leading rivals like the Mercedes and BMW when it comes to prices. They are not that pricey as you can easily get a massive discount from the dealers. The emission is quite competitive and the resale value is also really strong.
When it comes to quality factor, A4 will disappoint you a bit. At a single glance it looks great but when you will check out the cabin it’s not as special as it could be. When it comes to reliability, this again fails to give the expected results.
It offers you the safe and secured ride with the help of the standard stability controllers and six airbags. Optional rear side airbags are also provided. Alarms and deadlocks are fitted to make it theft resistance.
For catering the drivers of all sizes and shapes, a wide range of adjustments are provided to the steering and the seats. The rear vision is a bit compromising but the front view is extremely clear.
The space is apt for 4 adult passengers. Legroom has enough space but you have to compromise with the tighter headroom space.
Well-equipped car fitted with the cruise control, bluetooth, 17 inch alloys and much more.
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