2014 Audi A4 Allroad Estate Review

Proper arrangements, for steering wheel and seat endow convenience, in swift and smooth driving. Large glass area allows better and clear view altogether. The pedals are expressively offset, to the right side. It comes, with user friendly infotainment system, and with few buttons, to operate the MMI system of control.
It has enough leg and headroom for 4 adult demos; it comes with a reversible floor. Boot space is well enough, and the space can get enhanced, by folding the rear seats, but they do not get lay down flat completely.
It has only one variant, which looks quite identical to the SE variant of A4. It comes, with smart wipers and lights, 10-speaker stereo, rear and front electric windows, tri zone climate control. There are some features that can be included as option, like storage pack and 18-inch alloy wheels.
You have three choices in engines, which are 2.0 liter 208bhp turbocharged petrol engine, 2.0 liter 175bhp turbocharged diesel engine and last one is 3.0 liter 242bhp turbocharged V6 diesel. All these engines are strong performers, but the smallest diesel engine is the best of the lot, because it has lowest running cost, it has 6-speed manual gear-box, and in other engines, there is semi-auto transmission and S tronic dual-clutch.
This car comes with raised ground clearance, for a smooth off-road saunter. The ride is not sheer smooth, because it may let you feel impingement on poor surfaces. Steering support is decent but not up to the mark by any means.
You feel wind-noise at high-way speeds. Manual gear-box deserves refinement because it is a bit jaggy, except these things, the performance is remarkably tempting.
With the 2.0 liter versions, you will get engine start-stop option, which uplifts the fuel efficiency and reduce the CO2 emission. Cabin is decent and classy; it is designed with sustainable prudence. It comes with 6 airbags and stability control system. You can also get rear side airbags as option. Standard feature also include deadlocks and anti-theft alarm. You can own this car, though it has some drawbacks, but its merits are capable to overcome them by all means.
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