2014 Alpina D5 Saloon Review

The D5S delivers outstanding performance and as well remains natural with the 345bhp matched along with 516lb ft torque. It bestows mid-range performance and the 8 speed gearbox switchover is just ultimate. It moves smooth however it is fast and swift on the roads. The fuel consumption is very less which remains less than 50% when compared to its rivals.
No matter about the weight, even two tonnes of big and bulky people could find it comfortable. The electronic suspension is just easier to handle and moreover it is quite hard to withhold such bulk. The steering is easy to handle and moreover it remains comfortable to ride over.
You indeed have to search long for finding this style of Saloon car. Its performance is just amazing and it even boasts-up higher with better refinements while driving on the road. The engine is pretty soft and subdued, whereby the wind noise is as well isolated better. Since the tyres are quite huge, it induces hollering sound however it will never spoil the sereneness.
The process involved in owning this D5S is much exceptional than with the usual BMW. Moreover the choice and options are quite extensive and wider as well. After getting the car, you could easily drive it to any of the BMW dealer and have it completely serviced. This entails that the after sale procedures in quite big and great indeed.
This car is usually designed with the BMW lines and they are incredibly made with the best quality standard. It remains very reliable and good and even the cabins are very comfortable.
The D5S ensures supreme safety and security traits without any compromise. The 8 airbags, security package, 5 Star NCAP rating ensures better safety to the vehicle. Moreover it ensures passive safety with the superior suspension and brake control.
The driving posture will be quite similar to the 535D however the surrounding behind the D5 wheel remains little distinct. The excellent steering wheel, door inserts and the dash controller enhances the level and standard of the D5S.
This car is just good and level beyond the expectation. It can accommodate 4 at a time and the D5S looks ultimately opulent and luxurious. The boot size remains generous and the stowage space is also pretty decent.
It comes with leather trim made of high standard quality than the usual 5 series. Along with this, you will get additional equipments that goes beyond the usual standard.
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