2014 Alpina D3 Saloon Review

The 3.0-litres diesel engine from the 335 model is adopted by the Alpina to provide it a light tune. It is also added with the free flowing exhaust system. From 40 mph, the in-gear acceleration will lead to some mindboggling performance by this awesome car.
3 series are always considered as the sharpest of all. Lots of grip along with a communicative steering will surely give you a perfect body lean to get it suppressed well.
It’s a pretty quiet car and is just perfect for a long distance journeys. You will get rid of the suspension noise even on the bumpier roads but rough surface might bring certain road noise.
The Alpina is not at all more expensive than the other 3 of the same series. In the economic fuel and emission also, this car has performed really well making its place in the top business cars. It offers you a nice resale value along with the warranty of 3 years.
Solid construction, long lasting build, top quality material utilization for building the cabin is the rocking features of Alpina D3 SALOON. The mechanical reliability is not at all a matter of great concern for this.
D3 has scored well in terms of safety too. It has got 5 stars in the Euro NCAP crash test rating. This car is equipped with the side and curtain bags, electronic brake force distribution and twin side fronts as standards. Deadlocks are provided to making it challenging for the thieves.
Behind the wheels you are offered with a wide range of adjustments for both the seats and steering so that people of all sizes and shapes can easily get adjusted to comfort. Although the manual adjusters are quite awkward. The layout of dashboard it kept simple.
Even the person with the longest limbs can be accommodated in both the front and back seats. The boot is big in size but not as large in comparison to its rival.
The Alpina is fitted with a no. of equipment like Bluetooth, cruise control, dual zone climate and an auxiliary input for playing your MP3 players. Some additional tools are also given like a loaded body kit, 19- inch alloy wheels, instruments and new door sill finishes etc.
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