2014 Alfa Romeo Mito Hatchback Review

In this car model, 0.9 two cylindrical twin air is present that strongly pulls from the low revs. It will be better if you can go with the turbocharged multiairs. The 133bhp version is quite impressive but if you are a potential diesel shopper than you can choose from theses two: 1.6 JTDm or the 1.3 one.
You can’t expect a compose ride from the Mito. The sloppy body control is altogether combined with the sharp steering and the crashing firm makes the Alfa Romeo Mito a bit nervous on the twisty lanes. It offers you the high-spec versions along with the better adaptive suspensions
As Mito offers you the multiairs petrol engine that provides a really clam and smooth ride. The two-cylinder twinair will help you out from the vibrations through the pedals. The diesel ones are not at all worthy. At higher speed, the wind noise and the road noise may disturb you but not at the steady speed.
You can get your own Alfa Romeo Mito hatchback at an affordable and good price. You are also having the backup as the resale value is quite strong. If you want to have some cheaper options then you can make the choice between 1.3 JTDm or the twinair petrol engine as in both of them the CO2 emission is quite less.
Although the cabin of the Mito is quite solid but still the material provided is nowhere dense. The latest JD power customer satisfaction survey has regarded that the Alfa Romeo has poor durability. But still they offer you a nice 5 year warranty.
Almost all the version are having the engine immobilizer and the alarm to make it secure from the thieves. In the Euro CAP crash test, it has scored 5 stars.  All the Mito versions are packed with a number of safety equipment like the stability control, active anti whiplash head restraints and seven airbags to prevent jerks.
Mito seat’s offers you a nice adjustments and comforts but if you are not choosing the lumber version then you might have to face some discomforts regarding the driving position.
Dark cabin along with the small and not so accessible rear seats are bit disadvantageous.
All the essential equipments along with some infotainments system provided. Lumber support is an additional and unique one.

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