Volvo S80 2014

Volvo S80 is a revolutionary car of Volvo, the Swedish brand. It’s a mid size luxury sedane that will surely prove out as the car of your dreams. It will provide you a ride full of thrill, safety and comfort. It has two powerful engines one of 240 hp inline six and the other turbocharged 300hp which will surely boost up your wheels. Behind the wheels S80 is just phenomenal. The leather upholstery enhances the look and quality of this 5 seater car. Seats are having the lumber supports both in the front and rear ones therefore is more comfy. The interior are also beautiful design and will live up to your expectation from the Volvo. Good quality plastic is utilised in order to make the cabin look more classy and luxurious.
Volvo S80 2014 car 1

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Volvo S80 2014 car 2


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