Renault Scenic 2013-2014

The Renault Scenic 2013-2014 is in all sense a scenic beauty and no doubt possesses handsome features. This car is a SUV cum sedan that looks and works really superb. The car is an economy car that is loaded with all the luxuries and comfort the car comes in two generations that is Scenic and Grand Scenic. The car looks fabulous with an upfront that features angular lamps just below a sleek rounded and steep bonnet that almost makes a straight angle with the front wind shield. The car is a spacious five seater with a huge boot space and legroom. The interiors are done in cream leather with a hint of darkest brown on the dash board it also contains a touch screen GPS system, stereo music player and several other features. The car is available in black, white, brown, and cream and burgundy.
Renault Scenic 2013-2014 car black

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Renault Scenic 2013-2014 car motion


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