Renault Megane 2009-2010

Renault Megane started its journey on the roads in the year 1995 as a small family car. It is made by the famous and excelling in artistry French automaker, Renault. It comes in various body styles, which are 3- and 5-door coupe, hatchback, convertible, saloon and estate. Its third generation named Megane III is running at present which started from 2008. Megane is famous for its bird-beak look by the front grille. Megane I started in 1996 as a replacement for Renault 19. There were two entries having the all new looks which were premiered in 2008 and existed  for model years 2009-2010 and onwards which were 5-door hatchback and Megane coupe. These cars came in Renault/Nissan C platform.
renault megane 2009-2010 car grey

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