Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault made first Laguna a family car in 1993. Gaining popularity day by day, the car is roaring strongly till date giving immense pleasure and happiness to its customers with the features it provide and some before its rivals making it a potential buy. Laguna was segregated in many parts according to its redesigning and change in body styles. Laguna III, the model which had its life period started from 2007 and is still alive, had a new body style included which was a 2-door Coupe. Based on the D platform, this Coupe is extremely beautiful and attractive giving some innovative technical features, common for Renault. The Coupe has a one touch stop-start button, Bluetooth phone integration and a Bose sound system making it all the more attractive.
Renault Laguna Coupe car pics

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Renault Laguna Coupe car side pics


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