Renault Laguna 2002

Renault Laguna started its journey in the markets and then later on roads of many countries in 1993. Renault Laguna became available in many body styles, from a luxury saloon to a practical hatchback and then later to a sporty-look coupe. The car experienced much redesigning and changes with the years and prominent changes gave the new models a new category as Laguna I, II or III. The Laguna 2002 model comes in two variants, one in a combination of hatchback/saloon and the other a fastback estate. Working as a truck, this estate is given a more sophisticated and elegant look. The 2002 version was also the reason for bad automatic transmission in previous models. The car was recalled due to various issues and user problems.
renault laguna 2002 car blue

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renault laguna 2002 car side photo


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