Renault Kangoo 2013-2014

Renault Kangoo started its journey as a leisure activity vehicle in 1997. It had a facelift in 2003 with changes in its front styling and other changes with the model known as Phase II model then came the 4WD version in 2002 with the model name Trekka. It had ASR traction control system. Kangoo II is going on since 2008 built on the Nissan C platform. The body styles included the Kangoo Compact, the Kangoo Express and the Kangoo Express Maxi.  Kangoo Z.E. was introduced as an electric car in 2011. The car has gained immense popularity ever since. Kangoo Z.E. was elected for the Electric Vehicle of the Year in 2012 and 2013 by GreenFlat.
Renault Kangoo 2013-2014 van grey pics

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