Renault Fluence 2011-2012

In the 2011, the Renault Fluence has come up with more favouring features.  This time it will bring out more value for what you will pay. The equipment is better than the earlier ones. The best thing about this car is that offers you a different kind of driving experience which you have gone experienced before. This car is being designed to compete with the mainstream rivals. Keyless entry, 16-inch alloy wheels, rain sensing wipers, Bluetooth connectivity and dual zone controller are the standard equipments that is comes up with the Renault- Fluence 2011-2012. The interior of this car is impressive. Outstanding driving position is offered.  For operating the infotainments and other system, there are many icons and knobs provided.
Renault Fluence 2011-2012 car grey

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Renault Fluence 2011-2012 car side view


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