Renault Duster 2012-2013

Renault Duster is a compact sport utility vehicle. The car was produced by Renault and Dacia in collaboration. It is also known as Dacia Duster. The car was launched in 2010 for the first time on the Geneva Motor Show. The car was made on the Dacia B0 platform as a 5-door wagon. 2013 models got a facelift with some crucial exterior changes with a new chromed grille and headlights. The interiors had some new designing and features. The Duster had its launch in India and Russia too in 2012. The car was given great off-road capabilities for all the markets according to their needs. Safety features like door warning lights, central locking system and Anti-lock Brake System came as standard in it.
Renault Duster 2012-2013 car grey

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