Renault Clio 1999

Clio was made as a supermini car in 1999 by a famous French automaker Renault. The car has been four generations till date. The car gained positive response from the buyers which are sure to become long-term buyers and has achieved success in the market being one of the few consistently sold cars in Europe and also being a crucial car for Renault helping the company to restore its fallen integrity. The car also got voted as the European Car of the Year twice in the years 1991 and 2006. In 1999, Renault launched the saloon version of the Clio II, named Clio Symbol in Turkey and Eastern Europe, Thalia in Central Europe, Clio Classic in Asia and North Africa, Clio Sedan in Brazil and Paraguay, or Symbol in the rest of South America (except Argentina where it was called Clio).
renault clio 1999 car grey pics

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renault clio 1999 car pics


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