Renault Avantime

The Renault Avantime is fancy SUV cum sedan that will make you fall in love with it because of its modern and edgy looks and over the top features. The Avantime is a three door vehicle that has the capacity to accommodate up to five people. The proof the clever engineering comes full throttle with the idea of expelling the extra two middle side doors in a five seater vehicle. The vehicle is coupe based and convertible. One special feature of this car is the full transparent roofing that enabler a full skylight that can be cover as per the requirements of the people sitting inside. The front and the rear both look futuristic with edgy and framed designing the rear looks even more compelling. The car comes in a two tone color scheme that is red and cream, blue and cream, silver and cream and grey and cream.

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Renault Avantime car image


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