Peugeot 605

Peugeot, a French Automaker, came up with this executive car in 1989 called 605, based on the x0x system. This 4-door saloon came as a successor to 604. It was also a replacement for 505. The car excels in interior looks and designing. It also has exemplary equipment facility and handling making it a fun ride for the passengers. The car however didn’t give a good experience to the customers on quality. A facelift in 1995 solved many such quality issues as well as improved the interiors, especially the dashboard. The car had automatic gearbox which was not accepted positively by the owners. This rectangular-shaped car had much to offer to the users till 1999 after which it was discontinued and replaced by 607.
Peugeot 605 car grey

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Peugeot 605 car rear view


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