Peugeot 505

Peugeot 505 is one of the eminent and highly famed classic cars, which allowed the demos to enjoy the real essence of ravishing driving experience, you can clearly sense the same by looking at the first open roof model, which is dark grey in color, and the seats are in light wood color, which looks extremely ductile, front of the car is enriched with black color grille, and big sized headlights for considerable road vision in night, and other identical scenarios; next variant is in a bit lighter toned grey color, and it has almost identical upfront as in the open roof variant, interior is admirable by all means; a range top variant in orange color looks sensational, and geared up with some more addictive features. Color choices are silver grey red, dark chocolate etc.
Peugeot 505 car grey

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Peugeot 505 car red pics


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