Opel Vectra 2003

Opel is a trusted brand that is serving the automotive world since a long time. The cars of this brand are known for their splendid performance and classy interiors. Opel Vectra 2003 is an amazing model of this brand. Driving this car is truly like a luxury. It is available in a variety of colors like blue, grey and various other metallic shades. The cabin of this car is quite roomy and the boot is spacious. The comfy seats are having the leather upholstery of high quality which appears really classy and attractive. The car is equipped with the infotainment and other equipments of utility like the DAB radio, Bluetooth, A.C, adaptive cruiser and automatic lights and wipers.
Opel Vectra 2003 car 1

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Opel Vectra 2003 car 2


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