Opel Mokka 2014

Opel Mokka 2014 is not just a car but it’s like a dream innovation. It has most of the quality that a buyer usually expects from his vehicle. As we all know intelligence is always attractive. Therefore the intelligently designed cabin and interior of this car will surely drag your attention. The heated steering wheel and seats, the versatile storage, high seating position for the driver, and the precise and easy to operate position of the infotainment are the interior speciality of Opel Mokka 2014. Not just that the manufacturers of this magnificent car have also taken care to provide high level safety and security too. This car is equipped with all the technological safety equipments like the rear view camera, alarm, airbags, deadlocks etc.
Opel Mokka 2014 car 1

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Opel Mokka 2014 car 2


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