Opel Insignia 2014

For all the car lovers we have brought Opel insignia 2014 – the ultimate luxury grand toured. It comes in the category of exceptional car. The fuel consumption rate of this car is quite exceptional that is 3.7 litres per 100km and the co2 emission rates is around 98g. The display is managed wisely on both the steering and the dashboard. When it comes to driving comfort and road handling Opel insignia 2014 has set an awesome bench mark for the class. Without compromising with the handling and ride this improved chassis adds more comfort to the ride by decreasing the harshness, vibrations and noise. Talking about the style and looks this car is unbeatable. The classic Opel Insignia features the newly designed front lamps and the delicately designed silhouette that will sharpen and clean the aesthetic pleasure.
Opel Insignia 2014 car 1

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Opel Insignia 2014 car 2


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