Opel Astra 1999-2000

Steering wheel seems too close, to the driving seat, therefore driver has to face discommodity, while driving, and in addition to the hurdles, leg space upfront also lacks pre-eminence. Dashboard comes with music system fitted, and 3 rounded nobs for control. You can pick from silver and blackberry colors. Rear seats are good but could be better for sure. Boot space is the added advantage to these cars, as these variants come with bonny boot stead, to carry, more luggage quite comfortably. There is one variant, which comes, with single door option as well, but it cannot be comfy option for big family at all. These cars are proven performers on roads, so feel free while revving them hard, on motorway speeds.
Opel Astra 1999 car 1

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Opel Astra 1999 car 2


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