Opel Astra 1997-1998

This model is immensely eminent, because of its elegant performance and tempting looks, its exquisite dark blue color and appealing design is well complimented, by its comfy interiors and pampered seating arrangement, it is also available in maroon and green colors. Next one is also in blue color, but with different design, it is geared up, with stylish wheels, proper seating arrangement and good on road performance. Have a look at the interior; a dark black glossy finish makes it enormously scenic. All these variants are different in looks though, but they give you the power-packed performance on roads every single time. Remarkable engine execution and immense durability are the other merits of these cars. Tremendous looks and scintillating on road performance are constant here.
Opel Astra 1997 car 1

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Opel Astra 1997 car 2


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