KIA Sephia 2000

The KIA 2000 Sephia is a luxury sedan from the KIA headquarters that encompasses the meeting of the beauty and performance. The car is a luxury sedan which has a huge capacity to excel in mass production. The car looks enamoring and majestic, this five door car has the capacity to accommodate up to five passengers, the front of the looks good and so is the rear with elongated and thin body, and the car looks feminine, delicate and posh. The front of this car has a sleek, edgy and almost flat bonnet that makes the car look like a timeless beauty, the oval and angular variation of the head lamps also looks cool. This car is huge and spacious with adequate legroom and a huge boot board. The car comes in silver, white, black, red and burgundy.
2000 KIA Sephia used car front view

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2000 KIA Sephia used car grey


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