KIA Picanto 2009

Are you looking, for small size car with rich class performance, looks and durability all in all? If yes, then you should look, at the glistening fleet of Kia Picanto for sure, as all the variants are loaded, with the desired features you are looking for. This first model in white color, looks extremely convincing, as it has small, black color front chrome grille, and stretched bubble like headlights, which look quite appealing as well, and at the back, you will witness big tail lights, and a warning light, at the top of the middle, of the rear screen. You can see a differently designed tail light, in an orange color variant. You will get benefited, with more advanced features altogether, as you will move forward in the fleet displayed.
2009 KIA Picanto used car black

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2009 KIA Picanto used car front view


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