Citroen C3 2013-2014

The Citroen C3 2013-2014 is a grand beauty and a treat to look at. The sedan cum SUV style car is packed with super features that have been upgraded to understand the demands of this age. The looks of the car are no less than a magnificent. The car is sleek, edgy and the upfront features dark chrome grill over which is a metallic logo band. The head lights are angular and just below a sleek and steep bonnet. The alloy wheels that come in nontraditional design look marvelous and. The interiors are done in jet black and arte loaded with latest features such as a touch screen display and a GPS system the leather seats are adjustable and offer a huge legroom and boot space. The car is available in black, white and red.
Citroen C3 2013-2014 car black

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