Chevrolet Caprice 2014

This car gives a bold statement and makes you stand out of the crowd with its elegant exterior and intricate interior styling. This car is powered by 236 KW V8 engine that increases performance to a great deal. It has a sweeping roof line and broad stance with pure 360 degrees of style. This car has chrome highlights, wheel arch flares, and dynamic proportions that give a striking on road experience. These are comfortable with exquisite leather seating. This is a luxury ride with rear multi link design and six speed automatic transmission that enhances and optimises performance. This car features luxury body and grille which completing its sporty look.  This is an inspiring and exciting vehicle to drive. With safety this car also offers style, elegance and rich feeling to the owner.
Chevrolet Caprice 2014 new car back seats

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Chevrolet Caprice 2014 new car interior


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