BMW Z4 GT3 came as a racing car in March 2010. The car comes with 4.4 L six-cylinder V8 engine which makes it a unique model among its siblings as other Z4 models don’t have a V8 powered engine. The GT3 won the 2011 Dubai 24 Hour Race and competes in the FIA GT3 Championship with its improved aerodynamics efficiency in comparison with its predecessor, the BMW Z4 M GT3. The GTE car has exceptional handling and ride, of course. In its first year of racing, the car proved competitive in the FIA GT3 European Championship. Z4 GT3 also claimed its first podium at the Nürburgring 24 Hours. This car came with flying colors in various GT races.
BMW Z4 GT3 racing car front view

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BMW Z4 GT3 racing car photo


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