BMW X6 M E71

BMW X6 comes as a mid-size luxury crossover and was first released as a 2009 model. The car is manufactured by a big German automaker, BMW. The car has certain nice traits of SUV which are all-wheel drive, large tires and high ground clearance. It also has the beauty of a Coupe. The normal X6 came with two new diesel engines 30d and 40d in the new version called ActiveHybrid. It came in 2010 and continued till 2014. The car got some important features like Powerdome engine lid, ActiveHybrid logos and 19-inch alloy wheels. This hybrid X6 can run in three modes: internal combustion, all-electric or a mix of the two. The X6 M E71 is the most powerful hybrid in the world till now.
BMW X6 M E71 red car rear

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BMW X6 M E71 red car wallpaper


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