BMW 4-Series Convertible

This superb car has successful replaced the older version and have come up with new colors.  Although the body and interior structure of the car is tradition but the features that are incorporated makes it absolutely different from its peers. Another mind blowing feature that Convertible is having is the three piece folding metallic roof that has swapped the fixed one.   Most of buyers have lots of doubts regarding the car buying. The foldable roofline gets neatly tuck inside the boot. It’s a fabulous looking machine. The upgrading is possible as this car offers you three trims. You will get the upmarket feel inside the cabin. The manufacturers have kept the layout quite simple and sober in order to keep a balance between the features and design.
2015 BMW 4-Series Convertible new car black

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2015 BMW 4-Series Convertible new car front view pics


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