2014 Ford Mustang

This black hawk looks like; the car of a superhero, if you look at the front, then you will be mighty pleased, by innovatively designed sporty bonnet, and black chrome grille; this car is well complimented by big black alloy wheels, which give this car a look, simply out of this world. When you will look at this one, then your eyes will get stuck on it, as it is red in color, with two white colored vertical stripes, from the bonnet, till down the front grille; front look of this car is uplifted, by the wide black chrome grille. Another variant in orange color, comes with transparent roof, and innovatively crafted back lights. You will certainly get astonished by mouth watering and heart pumping fleet of scintillating cars.

2014 Ford Mustang new car image

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2014 Ford Mustang new car interior


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