2012-2013 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition is the full-sized SUV available suitable for the large families or when there is a need to tow a heavy trailer. The standard 5.4-liter V8 has massive power to tow even 9,200 pounds. It works best with dry to snowy, icy or gravel covered roads because of its control track four-wheel drive system. The rear suspension gives comfortable drive on both smooth and rough roads. The 8-passenger SUV with five-doors offers large accommodation. 2013 Ford Expedition EL can be said to be company’s most profitable car. The car comes in two body styles, a regular length and the longer EL version. There is enough room for both people and their luggage. The 2013 version has a new safety canopy system.
2012 Ford Expedition Limited used silver car front

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2012 Ford Expedition Limited used silver car photo


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