2011 Jaguar XJ

These are full size, luxury cars sold by British automobile company. This was first released in 1968 and has new exterior design now. It is longer and wider from the earlier models with slimmer and sleeker lights. These cars have a large and square grille that makes the cars appearance aggressive with swooping taillights which are upright called as cat’s claws. This car has a back roof panel one every side of the rear screen and a standard full length sunroof. It has console displays and LCD dashboard with virtual dials and is available in both wheelbase and standard form.  The cars have 5 liter petrol V8 engine which is supercharged or normally aspirated. It can also use a twin turbo 3 liter diesel that would increase the demand of this car even more.
2011 Jaguar XJ used car interior pics

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2011 Jaguar XJ used car interior


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