2010-2011 Cadillac Escalade

This is the second latest version of the Escalade series and comes in sleek, androgynous and edgy design. The 2010 -2011 Cadillac Escalade is not a one of those cars which stand weak against time but this is a seriously rough vehicle designed to give a tough time to its counterparts, and the road. This SUV comes in seating capacity of eight. It features an upfront with a chrome grill in silver and geometrical embossed bonnet, silver rimmed windshield and Polaroid window glasses. It has framed doors that look sporty and huge head lamps, fog lamps, and tail lamps, it comes in a color variation of black and white. Drive this super vehicle for an enthralling feel.
2011 Cadillac Escalade used car gray

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2011 Cadillac Escalade used car grey


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