2007 Lincoln MKZ

Being the first in the ‘MK’-series, Lincoln MKZ had many new qualities and distinguishing features from its siblings whose credit mostly goes to the interiors and some new packages available in the car. This Lincoln Motor Company production came as a starting milestone of the new modern era for Ford. It started to be produced from 2005 and is running till date. In the first generation, The MKZ started to get crucial revisions from 2007 due to poor sales in its first year and the most important was its name change from Zephyr to MKZ. It gained new features like the intelligent all-wheel drive system and the all new and powerful, 3.5 L DOHC Duratec V6 engine to give 265 hp.
2007 Lincoln MKZ used car back seats

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2007 Lincoln MKZ used car front seats


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