2007-2008 Dodge Charger

Look at this variant; it has that spark, which drags people, for sure; a black front grille divided buy the silver color four-way upfront, flashy headlights, and big wheels make it a real muscular beast, seats are dark grey in color, and they are immensely ductile, steering wheel has few control buttons, and above the wheel, there are four white themed circled consoles, dashboard has few switches as well, and there is also an irradiating navigation screen. For sportier looks you have to go forward in the range, and you will get astonished by some matchless models, with larger alloy wheels, lusher interior, and more advanced features as well. Black, white, dark grey, red-black etc are the colors, which can suit your class and elegance all in all.
2007 Dodge Charger used car back seats

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2007 Dodge Charger used car interior


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