2006 Cadillac DTS

The 2006 Cadillac DTS is a clear example of luxury. This four seater sedan is built to mesmerize the onlookers. The car is a sleek and designed to give a feminine appeal to it, with its long bonnet and closeness to the ground giving it a delicate feel which also helps it to cut through air give a higher speed. The luxury sedan comes with a shiny chrome grill at the front and adequately huge headlamps that give it a demure, comfy yet luxurious feel. It has ample legroom to give you a spacious ride. The interiors of the car are done up in wood and grey that make it look very posh. It has ample space in the boot board. It comes in variation of black, silver, cream, red and white.
2006 Cadillac DTS used car front view

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2006 Cadillac DTS used car grey


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