2006-2007 Chrysler Pacifica

The 2006-2007 Chrysler Pacifica is one hell of a ride. This is a six seater sedan cum SUV with five doors. This vehicle boasts of some very comfortable interiors with adjustable leather seating that offer a huge legroom, hand rest. The last pair of seats can be turned down to make a huge boot space for keeping heavy objects. The interior of the car are done in cream, brown and maple brown and are upgraded with latest technology to help drive. The outside of the car is also worth a watch with the front featuring a metal exhaust grill and huge and powerful head lamps and fog lamps the bonnet is sleek and ramped. The rear of the car is also good looking; the sides are partially rimmed with metal in silver. It is available in black, white, navy blue, grey and silver.
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2006 Chrysler Pacifica used car photo


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