2003 Hummer H2

Hummer H2 is a well-designed SUV car being designed and marketed by General Motors. It appears like a large massive truck which can accommodate around 6 passengers comfortably. Some models of Hummer H2 will even have adequate space that can accommodate 7 passengers as well. This car is designed like a light duty truck type vehicle and it assures firm drive out and comfort. Besides everything, this car comes with air conditioning facilities, tri zone climatic controls, weather controller, radio controls, upholstery, cruise control, sound system and many more. The exterior temperature indicator, torsion bar suspension, coil spring suspension are some of the perfect addition which makes Hummer H2 as a better choice. The cost of this vehicle is quite decent, while the features offered are just above the cash paid.
2003 Hummer H2 SUV used car photo

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2003 Hummer H2 SUV used car side rear


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