2002-2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Mercury Mountaineer was a high profit-giving car by Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. The car was first put in the market in 1996 as 1997 model as a twin Explorer model. It came as a mid-size luxury SUV with suave interiors and attractive exteriors. The car came in three generations with 2002-2003 models included in the second generation. 2002 model got redesigning with some new features like rear radio deck and ceiling air vents. This generation came with better sales and looks too. Some exclusive features were added in the car like the waterfall grille and barred taillights to become the signature of Mercury cars in later models too.  Mountaineer was made in the Ford U1 platform.
2003 Mercury Mountaineer used car back seats

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2003 Mercury Mountaineer used car front seats


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