1999-2000 Volvo S80

This car was introduced by a Swedish manufacturer and is a very advanced vehicle. This is a very spacious car and excellent safety features which makes it a must have car. It gives performance and comfort to the driver and is equipped with all kinds of technology like GPS navigation devices, audio systems, etc. the front brakes have ventilated discs whereas the rear brakes have normal discs. They have L5 cylinders with multipoint injection fuel system. They have their own manual gearbox named M65. These are eco friendly too featuring fuel economy, allergens from textiles and life cycle from production to dismantling. The fuel used is petrol and is very fuel efficient vehicle. It is luxurious and stylish and uses muffler that helps cutting out engine noise.
1999 Volvo S80 used car front

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1999 Volvo S80 used car interior


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