1999-2000 Mercury Cougar

Mercury cougar is not a normal car divided in four generations but a combination of many versions of cars which changed in style and types with time. The car was produced from 1967-2002 by Mercury with high gross value and sales. Cougar started its journey as a 2-door hardtop with perfect styling and unique looks which let it rise in the automobile industry to become a major part of it earning great value in every way. Experiencing frequent variations earning great attention from the company, the Cougar had eight generationsas dividing production models. The 1999-2000 models came under the eighth generation with the best se of modern technology. This sport compact, 2-door coupe had amazing packages and was the first hatchback with an independent body design.
2000 Mercury Cougar used car coupe

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2000 Mercury Cougar used car grey


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