1999-2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 1999-2000 jeep grand Cherokee was the pioneer one which is having the guts to usher in the segment of modern midsize SUV. It is surely the new and better version of the small size jeeps. The manufacturers have designed it in a way to make it manoeuvrable for urban duties, spacious enough for serving family jobs, and stylish enough to flaunt it on the roads, capable enough to tow your shuttle the co-passengers to the remote camp site without any discomfort. They have probably succeeded in doing so. It’s also amongst the best selling SUV in America.  The unibody chassis of this JGC is quite advantageous in terms of easy entry and exit, safety and on-road handling.
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee used car photo

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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee used car picture


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