1999-2000 Ford Explorer

The 1999-2000 Ford Explorer is just outstanding, not only, because of its looks, but due to its unwonted comfort inside, and power-packed execution on roads. If you look at the first variant in black color, then you can see, that it is not only big in size, but in looks and convenience as well. You will get good front vision while driving, and if you look inside, then you will find, that the steering is well placed, for comfy driving, and the dashboard is geared up, with ideally located control switches, the dashboard is well covered, by the shiny, and rich class wooden finish., which bestow it, a magnificent look altogether; some vital control switches are also mounted, on the steering wheel as well. You can get more features as you go toward the top variants.
2000 Ford Explorer SUV used car front

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2000 Ford Explorer SUV used green car side


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