1997-1998 Ford Explorer

This meaty beast is more than capable, to provide you sebaceous driving feel every single time, you hold its steering wheel. It is not only big in size, but it is equally big in its execution as well. If you look at the front grille, then it seems that it is made, with three vertical pillars, which are pierced, from the middle, by a horizontal pillar; this grille is made with top rated material, to bestow it the needed rigidity.  Wheels of this car are big and rubbery, which provide the ideal grip on the surface always. You can also get a sporty red look of this car as well, which has a distinct front grille in the same color and a thick black horizontal strip on the bonnet upfront.
1997 Ford Explorer SUV used blue car front

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1997 Ford Explorer SUV used blue car rear


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