1978-1979 Ford Bronco

Just have a look at this glossy black meaty beast; it is quite astonishing for sure; in the front you will get the big sized silver color grille and big headlights as well, wheels are gigantic in size, to provide the car a sustainable grip on rough or slippery surfaces; in fact it gives the feeling of a mini truck, as it has cabin for two, and ample space at the back, where you can load tons of luggage quite comfortably. The second variant of the fleet has single door each side and good space at the back side. Next one is a blue color car, with mammoth wheels and single door each side; there is good variety of colors and you can pick from the combo of colors like white-red, cherry red-cream etc.

1978 Ford Bronco used beige car front

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1978 Ford Bronco used beige car rear


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