1972-1973 Dodge Challenger

Whoever saw this 1972-1973 Dodge Challenger when in love at first sight with this coupe. This beauty comes in many different colors and is a proclaimed one in the speed department. It has been used as a rally and race car. The front of the car features an edgy bonnet which also has an exhaust protruding out of in some models; the head lamps and the fog lamps are fitted horizontally to the black front chrome grill. It is fitted with front alloy wheels and has a lot of boot space. A metal collision guard attached to the front below the head light adds to the old world charm of the car. It is available in black, ocean blue, aqua blue, matte black, dark green, yellow and the favorite red with black. It can also be custom decorated.
1972 Dodge Challenger used car front view

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1972 Dodge Challenger used car image


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